Welcome to my voiceover section, and welcome to ademistudious where the best is always given to buyers.
Are you looking for a voiceover recording actor which can act your script or scene out with a different of (SOFT , EVIL, NORMAL , MALE , AUTHORITATIVE or RELAXED VOICE) plus different expression like sad, happy, worried, calm, curious, laughing, shouting , jokes, conversation narration voice to promote your services like;
Business, Product, Commercial, broadcast, Script narration, TV commercial Audios, Radio commercial audios Short audiobook narration, DJ drops or any service?
i will also extract audio voice from video
I will give you the best recording you could ever expect, I will sound indifferent tone as you may want it. All you have to do is to give me the details of what you want me to do.
I offer different spokesperson gigs on fiverr which I use to act differently and I promise to bring the energy to my voice here to act out different voice you prefer.